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For more than 14 years, Universal Calling Inc. has been delivering unparalleled quality and reliability within the prepaid telecommunications industry.


More than 15.4 million cards have been delivered since 1999

Being at the forefront of the prepaid telecommunication industry, CallingCards.com has established itself as an innovative leader.

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Host small to large conference calls with up to 10,000 people!

Businesses around the world reduce their operational costs by up to 90% from traditional conferencing methods.

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Amazing Low Rates! Call 100+ Countries for Less Than 3ยข/min!

For residential and businesses, get the ability to conveniently make calls without ever entering a pin number from up to 6 phone lines.

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An international calling plan designed specifically for corporations!

Cut long distance phone expenses up to 90% by using us from landlines and cell phones worldwide.

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A simple and cost-effective way to eliminate language barriers!

Talk with a personal interpreter by phone at your convenience, 24/7, in over 170 languages. Pay only per minute!

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Phone to Phone convenience and quality. Better than PC to Phone!

A revolutionary new service that allows you to receive a call back at any phone number in the world.

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Call the world at the best rates from the United Kingdom!

At PhoneCards.co.uk you can find the best international phone cards to make cheap international calls!

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Recharge prepaid mobile phones in over 70+ countries in Seconds!

Prepaid cell phone users worldwide can add minutes to their account balance quickly and easily.

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Join the millions around the world who choose our products to save on all their calling needs.


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