Mobile Phone Top Up is a Universal Calling's global recharging service where you can add minutes instantly to prepaid mobile phones from over 300 different carriers in 125+ countries. We eliminate all the hassles of going to the store and purchasing top up cards or vouchers.

Special Features

Top up Anyone, Anywhere
Top up Anyone, Anywhere

You can top up your family, friends, or someone else's phone in a different country instantly. Just enter the phone number, and how much to add.

Fast and Easy Topup
Fast and Easy Topup

Although Top up time depends on the carrier, most are very fast and easy. The funds will instantly be added to the phone. See how easy it is to top up online!

24 hour service
24 hour service is a 24 hour online mobile recharge service. No need to run to the store to purchase a refill card.

Over 300 Carriers
Over 300 Carriers

Most prepaid mobile phone accounts in over 125+ countries can be recharged with a matter of minutes.

Personal Message
Personal Message

Send a short personalize message to your family or friends worldwide when you topup their mobile phone

Coverage Map
Coverage Map

Select a country from the coverage map and instantly see if the carrier for your prepaid mobile phone is available. Useful tool for when you need to know.

Corporate Accounts
Corporate Accounts

Do you have staff worldwide using prepaid phones? Get discounts for bulk topups! You can save valuable money with discounts on airtime costs.

News & Promotions
Free Support's Promotions and News blog provides the latest specials, promotions, and news for prepaid mobile phones worldwide.

How it Works

Enter the Mobile Phone Number

Select the country and the prepaid mobile phone number to top up.

Step 1

Choose Amount & Pay

Enter the amount to add and pay securely with a major credit card.

Step 2

Phone is Topped Up Instantly!

A personalized notification text message is instantly sent to the recipient phone confirming the successful topup.

Step 3

Over 300+ Carriers in 125+ Countries


United States


Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka ...


United States


Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador ...


Dominica, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama ...


Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados ...


Argentina Chile, Colombia, Ecuador ...


Afghanistan, Benin, Congo, Cyprus ...


United States


India, Romania, Spain, Turkey ...

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