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Features & Benefits

Add revenue to your current business model by utilizing our Recharge Services website. Instant enables our private label, or printing partners a billing gateway. Through our complete billing backend, your customers can now recharge their card, that they received from your company. Now you can put "' on the back of your cards, and your customers can enjoy full online management for every PIN you distribute.

Instant Recharge’s cards combine powerful, yet simple-to-use, features that deliver crystal clear line quality while being able to provide the lowest rates possible. Our service sets a new standard for value and convenience.

Whether you are looking to activate a card or recharge a card, we made it easy for you.
With Instant Recharge, you always keep the same PIN and access number. This makes it easier to remember and more convenient to use.

To Recharge your Card:

If you are a new customer: Our system first checks to make sure your calling card has recharge capabilities. Begin by entering your access number and pin number. Once it is determined that your pin can be recharged with us, complete the sign up form to begin.

If you are a returning customer: Enter your email address and password. Then enter the amount you wish to recharge and your credit card information. Once your credit card is processed, your calling card is recharged instantly!

How to Make a Call with Your Instant Recharge Calling Card:

1.Dial TOLL FREE access number
2.At the prompt, enter your PIN number
3.Dial the area code+number for calls within the U.S. , to Canada or the Caribbean
4.Press 011+country code+city code+number for calls outside the U.S.
5.To place another call do not hang up: press # (pound key) for 2 seconds, then repeat step two.

How Billing Works:

Connection Fee: No Connection Fee
Billing Increment: 1 minute
Maintenance Fee: None
Taxes: 7%
Payphone Surcharge: 65 ¢
Expiration: 1 Year (365 Days)

Works from Alaska : NO
Works from Hawaii : YES
Works from Canada : YES

When your account balance runs low, just add more minutes to your calling card using your credit card. You can add funds online or over the phone through our friendly customer service. Enjoy a host of convenient features & functions you can access from your computer!

With the Instant Recharge Account Center, you can:

Get an instant picture of the status of your account, including your current balance.

Recharge your account

View a history of transactions on your account

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