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Features & Benefits

Conveniently make calls without ever entering a pin number from up to 6 phone lines. Receive excellent call quality from your home, office, cell, dormitory, or just about any phone in the world.

Prepaid Phone Cards

lets you make calls conveniently from up to 6 phone lines, without ever entering a PIN number.

Pre Paid Phone Cards

Receive excellent call quality from your home, office, cell, dormitory, or just about any phone in the world! Learn more about our prepaid phone cards today, and find out just how convenient a pre paid phone card can be.

  Pinless Dialing
No Pin numbers to dial when calling from up to 6 phone lines. 
  Speed Dial
Speed Dial eliminates even dialing the destination number.
  Global Calling
It's Mobile. Works FROM over 20 countries to anywhere.
  Provider Friendly
No need to cancel your existing long distance provider.
  Use Any Phone
Call from any phone: home, work, cellular, or pay phones.
  One Long Distance Plan
Replace all long distance services with one Plan.
Excellent call quality and secure network infrastructure.
  Small Business Versatility
Supports data calls.

Customized Billing
  limitless Plan Change
Change your plan anytime. No limitations, restrictions, or costs.
FREE Manual & Automatic Recharging.
No contracts or long term commitments to sign.
  Custom Billing
You choose your billing increments and other preferences.
  No Paper Billing
No more bills sent in the mail.

  Free Activation
No Setup Fees, No Installation Costs, Speedy activation.
  No Extra Fees
No connection fees, No Hidden Fees, No Gimmicks.
  No Penalties
No cancellation fees and No deactivation fees.
  Guaranteed Rates
One Rate, 24/7, no time or day restrictions.
  Competitive Rates
Lower than Sprint, Nextel, Verizon, and collect calls.

Customer Care
  Customer Service
24/7 Toll Free Customer Service.
  Account Management
24/7 Online Account Management.
  Online Help   Help documents available via internet. 

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